• Marissa Rollo

Healing our Inner Wounds ~Inner Masculine Alchemy Launch

When we are wounded we vibe at lower frequencies. We are not able to reach our God given potentials in all aspects of our lives; relationships, money, health, love. Why - Because we are only able to attract what we are asking for (unintentionally).

How many times have you asked yourself:

Why do I attract these kind of men? (typically narcissists)

Why am I always broke?!

Why can't I catch a break?

We feel sorry for our situations and have no idea HOW to create abundance like we may see others doing. They make it look so easy!! Why can't I DO THAT!?

Sound familiar at all?

We can change the direction of ALL of that with a very powerful modality. One where we invite God into our consciousness. One where we heal our inner masculine and our inner feminine. We have had an inner hero all along, but we forgot and have been going through life "broken" when that was never Gods design at all. He wants us to live abundantly without fear, without worry. We have had this power all along but didn't know HOW to go back and heal that inner child so that we could live in our Kingdom.

Ladies - I am opening up my new group so I can help you with this. The group is free for support and for me to dive deeper into my story and with an introductory special (for those in my group) to my new coaching course - Healing Your Inner Masculine

I felt God push me towards learning this as I too am working on me and this 21 day ritual has begun to change my life. We are always working on us - I feel that we must always be improving who we are and what God wants us to be, but without this important healing we cannot go much further toward that goal.

This is for ladies only at this time as this particular healing modality is for women. <3 You all have so much God given potential and your soul chose to be HERE right NOW for a reason. Time to let go and rise up to that occasion!

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